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Dr Jules Nabet Zen Attitude 100ml

Dr Jules Nabet Zen Attitude 100ml


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Presentation: Pump Aluminium Bottle 100ml Serenity Care

Form: Emulsion Fluid


  • Rich moisturizing, anti wrinkle and mesodermal volume.
  • From the age of 35/40, women’s estrogen and progesterone levels begin to deplete which has an adverse effect on the skin. The major four hyaluronic acid and phyto hormones (soya, yam, vitamin F) in Zen Attitude provide a topical remedy to skin showing such affects.
  • Zen Attitude works against the melting of the muscles that contribute to the appearance of depleted skin, preserving the suppleness of skin. Soya and Yam improves the level of these hormones naturally and without risk.
  • Zen Attitude also provides protection against free radicals in our surrounding environment (cold, pollution, airconditioning, abrupt changes of temp. ect) by acting as a powerful anti oxidant.
  • Improves smoothness and flexibility of the skin while offering a more visible ‘éclat’.


  • Lotus eleuterococ
  • Omega 3
  • Russian ginseng


  • Stops loosening of the tissues (oval from the face, neck, and arm) and preserves the suppleness of the skin. 
  • Vegetal hormonal precursors Soya, Yam and Vit F Powerful anti oxidant allowing to fight efficiently against the presence of free radicals responsible of the skins ageing, Vit E With the age the levels of oestrogens and progesterone are going low with a lot of damages for the skin, and with Soya and Yam you improve the level of theses hormones naturally and without any risk.
  • It gives a better “éclat”, smoothness and flexibility of the skin.
  • It works against the melting of the muscles that contribute to the appearance of lack of elasticity of the skin.


  • This cream comes from a new generation of products that have a true medical action when the skin is becoming floppy and when the age-spots appear, with no side effects and a real improvement for the skin for the patient after 40 years old, when the levels of female hormones are going low, and a very effective action for any age when the skin is coming floppy and when age-spots appears 
  • Skin starting to show sign of ageing, crows feet, flaccidity, sun damaged and growth of thick dark hair.
  • To prevent ageing effects

Application: Morning and Night on the areas to cure during 3 months.